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Why Employ a Corporate Magician?


Why employ a corporate magician? There are lots of ways a magician focusing on the organization market might help your business. A number of individuals include:

o Marketing your product or service

o Building brand awareness

o Entertaining key account decision-makers

o Motivating sales agents

o Driving visitors to a trade event booth

o Emotionally involving your prospects, clients or employees

Most occasions a company magician is either performing close-up or stage magic. Close-up magic, also known as strolling magic, is presented as the magician is travelling and performing, and lots of occasions encircled. Stage magic is usually performed on the platform or stage as the audience is sitting down. Normally magic shows last between thirty to 90 minutes.

A company magician may perform at:

Industry Events

The 3rd greatest traffic draw for any trade event booth is really a magician. The foremost and second include celebrities and models (it’s difficult to contend with a TV star or even the Playboy Bunny of the season). Magicians can personalize their magic and/or presentations to provide the marketing messages needed. When the magician has attracted an audience and handle his presentation in the booth, the salespeople will require over and qualify the prospects. Additionally, many magicians may also work hospitality suites to entertain key account decision-makers.

Sales Conferences

Corporate magicians are frequently hired to entertain during sales conferences. Many sales managers will introduce new items, or even the engineering/technical department will reveal cool product specifications towards the sales department. In either case, a magic presentation is a terrific way to reinforce the content.

Company Picnics

The annual company picnic is a perfect setting for any corporate magician. A lot of companies need to have entertainment at these occasions, along with a magic show is both fun and entertaining.

Holiday Parties

A company’s party might be either formal or casual. In either case, a magician might be known as upon to do either close-up (throughout the cocktail hour) or perhaps a stage show because the primary entertainment for that evening.

Special Occasions

This category can include awards banquets, grand openings, open houses, golf tournament hospitality camping tents, plus much more. Utilizing a corporate magician can make the chanceOrclient experience memorable.

When selecting any performer to represent your company, they ought to reflect the look you need to portray. Listed here are some factors when selecting any performer for the business:

Professional Appearance – A magician should stick out and fit the part. Most corporate magicians will put on whether tuxedo or perhaps a suit. A company selling razor blades wouldn’t choose to possess a magician having a lengthy Rip Van Winkle beard.

Business Background – Will the performer possess the business experience necessary to construct an expert presentation which will engage the prospects or customers?

Specialization – You will need to select a magician that are experts in corporate magic, not really a birthday celebration or street performer.

Level Of Skill – Whenever a magician focuses on corporate magic, they sometimes possess the technical skills necessary to complete the job. It requires a long time of practice to become sufficiently good to do magic as a living.

Education – Will the performer be getting together with educated prospects or customers? The magician will be able to interact with individuals they’re entertaining. Many corporate magicians have advanced levels and therefore are intelligent enough so that you can carry this out.

The primary benefit in making use of a company magician is that she or he has the capacity to engage the imagination of the intended audience. People enjoy being entertained and amused, and prospects make buying decisions according to emotion and support their decisions with logic. Whether your own personal purpose would be to entertain prospects or educate the employees, the skill of magic may be used that will help you realize your objectives.

Atlanta Corporate Magician Jack Corcoran is a full-time professional since 1990. His background like a marketing manager within the software and hi-tech industries brought to his specialization like a corporate magician.