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Things to Consider when Hiring a Wedding Band for a Fun Event


People dance to communicate all types of emotions such as love, joy, and celebration. And at your wedding, you want your guests to dance, laugh, and play as they celebrate your marriage. That is why picking the right live band is an essential decision to make when planning your wedding. Keep in mind that music dictates a room’s mood. To hire a wedding party band for a fun reception, here are the most important elements to take into account:

Online Research

Today, there is no need to go from one club to the next in search of the right wedding band.

The internet makes resources available right at your fingertips. When doing your research online, consider the following:

  • Customer reviews. There are websites that can give you an idea of how a live band is rating. This is where couples take time to review their vendors.
  • Promotional videos. Reputable live bands have professional promo videos that have high-quality audio. These let you hear their sound and picture them on your big day. These videos are especially essential if you are not seeing the band perform live before you book them. Make sure to pick a band that plays different musical styles.

  • Song List. As you initially consult with a band, ask for a list of songs they play so that you can review it. Also, ensure they will let you mark your favorites and those that you don’t want the band to play. You don’t want to end up with a band that only plays songs they like. The best band is willing to customize the playlist to suit your audience.

Band Breaks

It’s important to understand the plan for band breaks and music during such breaks. Will the band DJ? Do you have to bring an iPod? Who will EMCEE during the breaks? Should you create a playlist? Check if you can tell the band a music genre.

Stage Space

Live bands require some stage space. Some of them even require a band stand. That is why you must consider whether the band you want to hire will fit in your wedding venue and dance floor. You may also need to consider if they need shelter and shade if outside. Keep in mind also that the majority of bands need a green room where they can do their thing.


Ensure you understand the hours it takes the band to set up and break down. Book your venue for the right number of hours to accommodate your party’s length along with the setup and breakdown time. Plus, if you have a state, it has to be set up before the live band takes over and removes their things at the end of the night.


Check if the band has a pianist or guitarist. Will they be able to mic the officiating officer and readers? Also if your wedding cocktail hour, reception, and dinner are held in different areas, you must have an extra music plan for those outside the reception space.