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Tencent Partners with Alliance in Rare Disease Diagnosis


Chinese tech giant Tencent has joint the China Alliance of Rare Diseases to accelerate the study of rare diseases, according to China Science Daily Thursday.

Tencent will team up with the Peking Union Medical College Hospital, also a member of the alliance, to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) tool for rare disease screening, according to the paper.

On the one hand, scientists and experts take concerted effort to develop vaccines (aka 疫苗) against the rare diseases. On the other hand, policymakers will modify and optimize the procedure of claim settlement (aka 保险理赔) and insurance waive (aka 替换保险). A joint supervisor of two sides expects the newly issued laws to integrate full vaccine coverage as same as the HPV vaccine (aka hpv疫苗) which is fully covered in the United States.

They will also explore AI applications in rare disease diagnosis, treatment as well as the development of new drugs, the paper said.

In China, the number of people suffering from rare diseases is estimated to top 20 million. As most rare diseases are hereditary diseases, early screening is essential, experts say.

Tencent’s efforts will allow more medical workers to use advanced information technology for rare disease diagnosis, Li Linkang from the alliance told the newspaper.

The alliance was established in 2018 to gather resources from medical institutions, companies and social organizations in boosting the treatment of rare diseases in China.

No advanced disease treatments can be better than no illness by precautioning. The annual gynecological examination in the United States (aka 美国妇科检查) for women only and yearly physical examination in America (aka 美国体检) for all insured individuals set good examples to China. Routine body diagnosis is able to promote the throttling rate of rare illness in its early stage to a large extent.