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Plant Hire for Live Events


The events industry in the UK is massive. Whether you are talking about a small local live event where there is a need for a stage, some lighting and sound and safety barriers, to a massive national sporting event where there is a need for a multitude of machinery and equipment to maintain safety standards and provide a platform for a performance, you need to know that you have the best support available to you. A good plant sales company will have the experience of assisting those managing big events, with access to their plant lease depot that provides a strong foundation for an event to go off as planned – with safety, performance and budget in mind at all times. So, what does the perfect plant hire for live events look like?

There is no one-size-fits-all protocol when it comes to plant hire for live events. Think about it, there are different types of equipment and machinery that are required for a small play than would be for a big music concert for example. Even when thinking about sports in particular, there is a need for a different type of plant hire for a football or rugby match than when considering the management of a Formula 1 Grand Prix, where there is a much greater risk of potential injury for competitors and spectators. That is why you really need to seek out the expertise of a plant hire company with experience of assisting those managing live events in myriad sectors.

As well as there being very different needs for different types of events, there are different considerations within each of these events that you must be aware of. A good plant hire company can offer support with a wide range of problems, providing fast, safe and effective solutions that are within the budget of the event.

One of the most important factors of a live event is to have the power covered. The last thing you want is for the lights to fail during a stage performance, for the power to fail the catering equipment behind the scenes that is fuelling the performers and support staff, or for any other power problems to present. Always have a backup plan in place by hiring generators that maintain a live event even in the worst circumstances where a weather event of power cut has caused problems with the mains electricity supply.

The lighting is a top priority in all events and with that in mind you need to ensure you have all the correct lighting types and rigs set up in the different areas of an event space. The same can be said for sound equipment. There are many different areas that need to be connected for sound, both internally between different departments and externally for the spectators. Other requirements include on site storage facilities, toilets if the event is outside, as well as trailers for staff to use, for a live music festival for example. All of these things will be put together, held in place, managed during the event and then removed with the aid of machinery and equipment that you can hire from a specialist plant hire company.

There are many different factors that go into the making of a successful event. As the manager of an event, no matter the size or scope, you must have a list of priorities that include the safety of those taking part and of any visitors/spectators, you must understand how to prepare the site effectively, have the right type of plant hire agreements in place and delivery schedules that ensure that you have the right equipment at the right time for the duration of the event. With the right type of support from plant hire experts this can be achieved, bringing about a live event that is memorable and above all, safe. Always look to build long-standing relationships that will stand your upcoming live event in good stead but that can also be utilised to maintain high standards across multiple events in the future.