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Planning A Christmas Party? Don’t Forget to Ask These Questions to Your Caterers


A lot of people across the globe eagerly wait for Christmas which is followed by New Year. Christmas is best celebrated with a beautiful Christmas tree, gifts, carols, and party among nears and dear ones. If you are hosting a Christmas party this year, we are going to help you with the food here.

Here are few questions you need to ask your caterers

  • What are their specialization and signature dishes?

Always try to know what the agency specializes in because that’s what you are going to serve.

  • Do they allow food for tasting?

Know whether you can taste the menu so that you can ask for adjustment or replacement. This will also allow you to know whether the food is to your expectation or not.

  • Can they prepare a demo plate for you?

The presentation of the plate plays a very essential role in attracting people. Try to get a demo plate done for you.

  • What is the package?

With quality, the cost of catering also matters. Check if there are any additional pay, bar cost, types of equipment and set up and note down the charges. If you are looking for Christmas or holiday party catering in Denver, little India is your destination. They excel in providing professional catering services and high-quality food.

  • What are they going to do about dietary restrictions?

Nowadays people are conscious about their health and choose the food they eat cautiously. Hence, it becomes difficult to design a menu. Try to know about the add-ons or standardization of the menu so that the food remains healthy and tasty for all.

  • What about the tip?

This is important for guests as well as staff to avoid awkward situation. Clarify single tips or tips for the team at the bar.

  • Is there be any dress code for the staff?

Usually, parties have a special dress code for the catering staff that makes them look uniform and professional.

  • What about the leftover food?

Make sure you know what will happen if there are any leftovers. Try to get the leftovers distributed among the needy.

  • Will they provide cleaning assistance?

Most of the agencies provide cleaning staffs that maintains the cleanliness during function and helps you in after party cleaning. Remember to get the cost of this added to your package too.