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Hosting a Children’s Party: Here are Some Helpful Ideas on what to Serve


Many things go into a child’s birthday party and most parents are under some pressure to make the event social-media-worthy. However, children do not care about this. They will be too busy playing or paying attention to the food and decor. In terms of food, parents will want to prevent a sugar crash when the party is over. That is why they will want to serve healthy food items to fuel the children’s playtime and leave everybody feeling great for the rest of the day. If you are a parent who’s planning for your child’s birthday party, here are healthy food ideas that are worth considering:

Serve the Right Food at the Right Time

You probably think that you must feed your guests a meal no matter the time of the party. However, this is not the case. A children’s party held between mealtimes do not require serving meals or anything other than snacks. French fries, potato smiley, wedges, and other finger foods will surely delight those little ones.

If you prefer to host the party during a mealtime, think about having it in the morning. This is because children tend to be up early, and it allows guests to use the rest of their day running errands or having family time. In addition, morning meals tend to be less expensive and easy to clean up especially if you prefer stuff like mini-bagels with yogurt, cream cheese, and fruit.

Choose Healthy Snack Food

Everyone at your party will expect snacks and refreshments, and healthy options are usually preferred. Consider limiting the sweets to ice cream and cake as a children’s party does not seem to be complete without them. The rest of the food on the table must be a more colourful array of delicious treats everybody can feel great about.  They include:

  • Fruits and vegetables. These food options do not need to be boring, especially for kids. It’s all about how you serve them. Instead of serving raw fruits and veggies, why not serve something like veggie patties or fruit smoothies? But, if you prefer them raw, be creative by making a rainbow on a platter or cutting vegetables into interesting shapes.

  • Crackers and cheese. Buy an assortment of crackers and various kinds of cheese for children to pick from. Also, think about putting crackers in fun containers that match the theme of the party.
  • Mini sandwiches. Kids are expected to want everything fun so consider making and cutting mini peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into fun shapes.