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Everything About Getting Special Event Alcoholic Beverage Licenses In Florida!


Organizing a special event in Florida? If you want to serve alcohol at the event, you have to get the license first. The process on paper may seem like an extensive one with numerous inclusions and requirements, which is the precise reason why many organizers prefer to work with licensing brokerage firms. As the name suggests, a licensing brokerage firm can help you complete the extensive paperwork involved in the process of getting Special Event Alcoholic Beverage Licenses in Florida. In this post, we are discussing all you must know about alcoholic beverage licenses for special events in the state.

Understanding limited Florida alcoholic beverage licenses

There are varied kind of Florida liquor licenses available, and you must ensure that you are applying for the right category. As far as limited license is concerned, you can go for One, Two or Three-Day Permit for Non-Profit Civic Organizations, or Temporary Extension of Premises. For Temporary Extension of Premises, you need to pay a fee of $100, while for One, Two or Three-Day permit, you need to pay $25. Note that The One, Two or Three- Day permit is only available for non-profit organizations and utilizes form DBPR ABT- 6003. Existing licensees can go for Temporary Extension of Premises, which basically allows them to serve liquor beyond the designed premises for a particular event.

Documents to submitted

Besides completing the application, you have to submit other documents to get your license for serving alcoholic beverages for a special event.

These include –

  1. Zoning Approval, if and as applicable
  2. Proof of Legal Registration
  3. Certification of Sales Tax
  4. Event Space Diagram
  5. Affidavit of Application

With these documents and completed application, the fee as applicable must be submitted to Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco for approval.

Finding Licensing brokerage firms

Licensing brokerage firms can be really handy in completing all that paperwork and other relevant details for getting your temporary license. Florida state requirements are very specific, and these forms can be quite a challenge to complete. Special event licenses have to be obtained on time, so you don’t want to take risks either. Consider hiring a licensing expert for your needs, which will prevent any delays in the process.

Also, check with the concerned licensing brokerage firm to know the possible issues that may crop up during the process, because they often have a fair idea of things that go wrong with special events.