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Do You Want to Throw A Bachelor’s Party? A Tips on How to Organize it


You may want to throw bachelor’s party for your friend, who has decided to tie the knot and settle down in his life. Bachelor’s party is held to give a feel that the last days of his freedom is coming to an end.

You can find any strip club like Gold Rush Cabaret in your neighborhood to organize the bachelor party. However, before you organize it, you must keep following things in your mind.

  • Check about his lust

Check from your friend who is going to get married, how much sex he was engaged in during his bachelorhood. Your friend may have many sex partners and so, he may prefer to have blast on this last day before entering into monogamy.

May be your friend was virgin till now, who may prefer to get the experience of a female touch before taking the vow.

Few people may not like sex at all. It is quite possible that his fiancée may not have given him any permission to indulge.

So, based on the choice of your friend you must choose the club and make necessary arrangement.

  • Will you prefer hard drinks?

Most of the bachelor parties may go wild and people may get drunk and do all kinds of funny acts. However, you must check with your friend whether this is fine with him. If you friend is sober then he may not like bachelor party at all.

If he does not approve drinks then try to organize so that guests who want to drink may pay for it from their own pocket. However, you can make arrangement for softer drinks.

  • What kind of meal?

Depending upon the guests you are inviting and based on the choice, decide the menu of the bachelor party. Try to choose the club who can provide the right kind of meal which will be liked by almost everyone.

Make sure that meals are available at affordable price so that it is well within the budget.

  • Do you want to gamble?

To create a little spicy environment, you can also consider about gambling during the party.

Whether your friend has weakness for blackjack or craving for roulette? Some people may like Vegas and there can be many other destinations for bachelor party.

You can always find the location after googling for few minutes and it quite possible that you are able to find a casino just within a driving distance.

  • Avoid wrath

Often such bachelor party may have more downside than upside. So, remember following things:

  • Never try to plan bachelor party just 1 day before the wedding
  • Make some rules of engagement with strippers and hookers
  • You must reign the groom so that he does not cross the boundary line.
  • Make sure it is affordable for all

Don’t make an arrangement of bachelor party so that all friends have to travel long distance to reach the party venue. It should not be too expensive for the participants.