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Critical Details to consider When Hiring a Function Venue


Critical details must be considered when booking a venue for a function. From the number of people that will be attending, the date of the event, to the budget, there are many things that matter.

Remember that the venue chosen plays a significant role in how successful the event will be.

  • Location of The Venue

Deciding on a location for your function is always the first step. If it is a local event then your options are limited to your local neighborhood. However if you are seeking to travel to a new location for this function, the possibilities are endless, or at least limited by your budget. Here is superb flexible Sydney function venue.

  • Capacity of the Venue

The venue that you chose should be able to accommodate all attendees. Besides this, the setting should make those in attendance comfortable. If they are only supposed to listen to the speakers, a theatre-style seating would be okay but if they need to take notes, then this would not be ideal. Let the venue have enough space for sitting, relaxing and having tea.

  • Your Available Budget

You are working with a budget and thus you should stick with it. Hiring a venue for a conference can be quite expensive and instead of going beyond the budget, you should instead ask for a discount. If it’s expensive during the weekend, try being flexible and choose a date when the venue or venues tend to be cheaper.

  • Ensure Sufficient Support

Every detail of your function should be taken care of and this includes ensuring there is sufficient concierge support. Staffing is very crucial to ensure that in case something goes wrong such as tech issues, it’s taken care of immediately. In addition to concierge support, security, technical support and wait staff should be available.

  • Ask about the Possible Branding Opportunities

When holding a conference or other function, you have probably invited stakeholders, potential investors, customers and even sponsors. The brand message of the company must be presented well and any branding opportunities embraced. For the venues that are technologically advanced, they give an excellent platform to showcase the company’s message. They can allow in-house plasma screens to be used for advertisements and placement of signage in different parts of the venue.

Planning for a function is an important in any business especially where there are sponsors, investors and stakeholders involved. When hiring a venue, its paramount the location is considered, branding opportunities taken advantage of and the capacity of the venue to be kept in mind. In addition to this, the venue should have enough staffing and a venue hired based on the budget. As you want the event to standout, reasonable steps must be taken for the function to be successful.